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The TOP1 Markets Web Trader seamlessly combines an easy-to-use interface with advanced graphics technology to deliver a world-class, comprehensive trading experience for investors, with over 30 graphics tools and 80 sets of indicators.

Rapid Execution, Safe & Worry-free

TOP1 Markets Web Trader is developed by our professional team and built with leading HTML5 technology. It is stable, reliable, efficient and convenient, while presenting an excellent user experience. To ensure the security of investors' trading, all information and data on the page are strictly encrypted. By choosing TOP1 Markets web-based trading, investors can build confidence and enjoy a convenient trading experience.

Access Now in 1 Click

TOP1 Markets Web Trader eliminates the tedious downloading and installation process and is ready to be experienced with a single click. In addition to having the same core functions and advantages as MT5, it also incorporates social trading elements and brings together global trading leaders from different fields.

First & Foremost Craftsmanship Trading Features

With our professional-grade technical analysis tools, investors can gain insight into market dynamics and provide clear support for trading decisions.

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