What is CFD Trading?

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are advanced financial instruments that do not require physical ownership of assets for investment. Derivative prices are market-driven and cover Commodity, Forex, Stock, Index, Cryptocurrency, etc.

Why do we choose CFD trading?

Multiple Leverage Options

Leverage up to 1000x

Profit in Bi-directional Trading

Grasp long and short opportunities in response to market movements

Diversify your investments with ease

Accessing global markets and explore various investment opportunities

Contracts for Difference (CFDs) have become an increasingly popular choice for online investors, allowing them to trade without actually holding the underlying asset and providing more flexibility than traditional trading - such as easy access to international markets, leveraged trading, odd-lot trading, short-selling, etc.

5 Key Elements in CFD Trading

TOP1 Markets supports iOS/Android app, web trader and MT5 cross-platform trading, allowing you to easily trade mainstream global trading products in just 2 steps.

1. Determine the upcoming long-short trading direction.

Investors may choose to go buy if they expect the price of the product to rise, or sell in the opposite case.

2. Select an appropriate trading volume.

Investors can choose the volume of trades according to the risk rate of their account and easily open positions.

Pick a Trusted CFD Platform

  • TOP1 Markets is accredited and regulated by the industry's leading authorities, and separately segregates investors' funds to ensure that they are Safe & Risk-free.
  • Investors can choose 1:1000 leverage to maximize profits with less capital, with a minimum trade size of 0.01 lots and Low Threshold to experience the world's most popular trading products.
  • We offer Industry-leading Risk Management Tools, including stop-loss allocation, risk alerts and negative account balance protection, to help investors easily manage risk.
  • 0% commission on the world's leading trading products, competitive and transparent spreads, giving investors the advantage of Low Cost Trading.


Bonus rebate to help investors grow in the trading world!

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