You can invite friends to join in 3 simple steps!

The rebate amount will increase more and more according to the number of friends invited, let's invite friends to join now! Event T&C


You can register with the APP or directly log in to to get your invitation link.


Share the invitation link to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, etc.


You will get the commissions immediately after your friends have successfully registered and traded.

There's more than one way to share

Invite now

Event Highlights

Infinite Commission Rebate

When a friend traded on TOP1 Markets, you will get an unlimited commission rebate.

Invite as many as you can

You can invite your friends to join in the event, and there is no limit on the number of people. The more friends you invite, the more commission you will get!

Credited to account balance

The commission rebate will be directly credited into your account balance, and you can withdraw the money or use it for trading purposes.

Settled twice a month

Commission rebates are settled regularly twice a month, which will be on the 1st and 16th of each month.

How to monitor the invitation progress?

When the invited friend has successfully traded on TOP1, we will credit the commission rebate into your account balance on the above settlement day, and you can withdraw the money or use it for trading purposes. At the same time, it can be reviewed on the app or computer.


Log in to, and check the boosting progress you have shared to friends under the "Event Center"-" Invitation" page.


Download and log in to the TOP1 app, and check the boosting progress you shared under the "Promotions"-"Invitation" interface.

TOP 5 Commission Billboard

The TOP 5 Commission Billboard is based on the top 5 users who rebated the most commission in the previous settlement cycle.

Ranking User Invitation Count Rebate Amount
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Commission Standard


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